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Executive remuneration

The Group Reward Policy has the following key objectives: align the resources to the Group performance, objectives and results, besides attracting, motivating and retaining talented managers and key resources.




Amplifon Reward Policy is:

  • focused and constantly aligned to the Group strategy;
  • motivating for those reaching challenging targets by means of their talent and performance;
  • attractive, both globally and in the local markets, and up-to-date against pay mix and flexibility  benchmarks;
  • transparent, fair and clearly communicated;
  • simple and comprehensible.


Key elements for executive remuneration 


Executive remuneration comprises the following elements:

  • base salary focused on the individual profile and market benchmark;
  • variable short-term incentive related to the annual performance of the Region or the Group;
  • variable long-term incentive focused on mid/long-term performance implying value creation against the Group strategic three-year plan;
  • benefits not directly linked to the executive’s performance but related to market practice.


Coherently with the Group Reward Policy principles, Executive pay mix is composed of a significant variable component linked to results. Equally important is the focus given to sustainability, in fact, the mid-term variable component of the overall remuneration package is more substantial than its short-term portion.


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