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Code of Ethics & Organizational model

Code of Ethics


Amplifon’s Code of Ethics sets out the values and behaviors that guide our daily activities in different circumstances be they economic, social or institutional. We are committed to promoting a culture based on:

  • honesty;
  • integrity;
  • fairness;
  • good faith.


The principles of the Code of Ethics are intended to be shared with agents, consultants, suppliers and any other individual with whom Amplifon has an ongoing business relationship. 


Organizational Model


The Organizational Model was prepared in order to prevent the occurrence of the crimes envisaged under the Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 and is based on the guidelines for Organizational Models issued by Confindustria (the Federation of Italian Industrialists) and other industry associations.



The Organizational Model establishes policies and measures to guarantee that activities are carried out in compliance with the law, and to eliminate risk situations, particularly on what regards  sensitive activities. The model’s adoption is a way for fostering the conduct of company activities in accordance with the principles of fairness and transparency in order to safeguard the company’s image, the work of its employees and partners, while at the same time fostering the achievement of greater efficiency.



The Organizational Model is composed of two parts:

  • General part:
    • sets out the guiding principles underlying the conduct of company transactions;
    • describes how the Supervisory Committee is formed and works;
    • describes the penalties.


  • Operational part:
    • includes the procedures to be used to control the Company’s activities;
    • contains the procedures to be used to supervise certain “sensitive” activities.


Revision and update

The Organizational Model is, by definition, dynamic and for this reason is updated each year to reflect regulatory and organizational changes, as well as with regard to any violations.