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Amplifon is committed every day and at every organizational level to support the development of an increasingly sustainable business by promoting an outstanding customer experience, enhancing its people, raising awareness around hearing health and respecting the highest regulatory, ethical and moral standards.



2018 was an important year for our Company because, starting from an in-depth analysis of our business, we identified the areas of commitment for Amplifon in terms of sustainability and formalized them in our Sustainability Policy. Perfectly aligned with the values on which the Company’s activities are founded, Product & Service Stewardship, People Empowerment, Community Impact and Ethical Behavior represent our four priority areas to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of millions of people worldwide through the responsible management of our business.


  • Materiality analysis

    In 2018, we updated our materiality analysis in compliance with the new GRI Standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative in 2016. Through this analysis, we identified economic, environmental and social issues that impact the most on our organization and potentially influence the decisions making process of our key stakeholders:


    • Our customers: Product and service innovation, quality and customization, Product and service availability, Customer safety, Customer privacy and data protection;
    • Our people: Attraction and retention of key resources, Employees health and safety;
    • The community: Awareness and education, Contribution to community wellbeing;
    • For a responsible business: Regulatory framework, Anti-corruption, Business ethic and fair competition, Energy efficiency and waste production.


  • Stakeholders

    We have always been committed to our stakeholders, that we mapped according to the influence they have on Amplifon and their dependence on Amplifon.  


    We also strive to involve our stakeholders in the best possible way, whether that means simply monitoring initiatives or finding solutions to relevant issues by engaging in open discussion. Read more