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Community Impact


Amplifon’s products and services have a high social impact on community worldwide. Amplifon is deeply committed to raising awareness around hearing health, with the ultimate goal of reducing the severe consequences related to hearing impairment and maximizing the positive impact of early intervention.

Awareness and education


Amplifon engages in extensive prevention and education activities, reaching out to individuals of all ages through targeted communication channels and campaigns. With the aim of raising awareness around hearing health from a young age, Amplifon has developed a successful communication strategy, connecting with young people through their preferred communication channels, namely social networks, and supports events targeted at youngsters such as the Sónar+D at Barcelona.

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Amplifon is also committed to helping overcome the psychological obstacles and prejudices that prevent people with hearing loss from rediscovering the pleasures of hearing. To this end, Amplifon carries out targeted campaigns in all its social media channels with the aim of communicating the joy of a life full of sounds. Amplifon awareness campaigns also target the so-called influencers (families and friends of people with hearing loss). 

Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies

Disseminating evidence-based information on hearing-related topics


Each year, the CRS independent scientific board defines the topics to be addressed, and the agendas of the conferences Amplifon promotes, which usually target a specific hearing-related issue and include roundtables and discussions on the hot topics for ENTs. In 2018, the International CRS Congress held in Bruges, Belgium, was dedicated to binaural hearing, sleep disorders and vertigo.

Course sponsorship

The CRS also supports the professional development of doctors and audiologists by collaborating with universities, through the sponsorship of courses and ENT learning programs at the local level. Like every year, in 2018, the CRS sponsored seven training events in Italy, held by prestigious national and international experts.

Publications and research

The CRS takes part in the development and dissemination of scientific studies and the publication of consensus papers. In 2018, the CRS launched a particularly important collaboration with the University of Messina for a joint research aimed at investigating the benefit of hearing aids through the examination of pre- and post-fitting electroencephalograms.

Contribution to community wellbeing


In line with its core expertise and strengths, Amplifon is deeply committed to improving the access of the most vulnerable communities to hearing care and to sharing knowledge, resources and best practices on hearing services and solutions around the world. Amplifon is also committed to fund-raising and volunteer work with the aim of returning value to the communities in which it operates.


Today, the Miracle-Ear Foundation is one of Amplifon’s most important channels for carrying out activities with a high social impact. Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has donated more than 16,000 hearing aids and helped 9,000 adults and children in the United States. The Miracle-Ear Foundation’s ongoing programs include the Gift of Sound™ Hearing Aid program, the Hear Again™ hearing aid recycling program, and the One Day Without Sound™ awareness campaign.