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Our Corporate Culture

The essence of who we are as One Company

In 2017, we kicked off a project to formalize our Corporate Culture aimed at being an expression of the business as well as an element of identification for its employees. Moreover, our Corporate Culture is intended to boost our engagement and motivation, raise Amplifon’s reputation as an employee of choice and attract new talents. Discover more at the following link



How we make the difference

A unique way of working is written into our DNA

Customized solutions

The iris, a fingerprint, the hearing profile of each person: each is as unique as the service we offer. For us, customizing the solution means listening to each person and understanding their individual needs. We adapt to their lifestyle, the sounds they hear, as well as their aesthetic preferences.

Unique customer experience

The advanced skills of our network of hearing care professionals are not limited to the technical and audiological knowlegde, but also include behavioral and communication skills. That’s why we can establish long-term relationships, based on trust and professionalism. Our human touch makes the difference.

Constant innovation

We constantly evolve the way we interact, communicate and counsel the people we help. We offer the most advanced technologies and develop new ground-breaking tools and protocols. We do this to find the best solution for every single person. For us, that is what innovation means.