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“I am delighted to share with you Amplifon’s Non-financial disclosure which represents the response to the Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016 as well as the follow-up of the journey begun in 2016 with the publication of our first Sustainability Report. In the next years, we are committed to continue on the path of sustainability, recognizing its importance in creating value for both the Company and the society.”


Enrico Vita, CEO

  • Materiality analysis

    In 2017, we updated our materiality analysis in accordance with GRI-G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Through this analysis, we identified economic, environmental and social issues that impact the most on our organization and potentially influence the decisions making process of our key stakeholders:

    • Our customers: customer satisfaction, which is related to other primary topics, such as innovation, quality, customization, product and service availability;
    • The community: community awareness and education, by contributing to wellbeing and supporting research;
    • Our people: attraction and retention of key population, health and safety at work;
    • For a responsible business activity: fight corruption, customer privacy and data protection, customer safety, ethics and corporate responsibility, measurement of energy consumption and waste production.

  • Stakeholders

    We have always been committed to our stakeholders, that we mapped according to the influence they have on Amplifon and their dependence on Amplifon.  


    We also strive to involve our stakeholders in the best possible way, whether that means simply monitoring initiatives or finding solutions to relevant issues by engaging in open discussion. Read more