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“I am delighted to share with you Amplifon’s first Sustainability Report which represents the beginning of a journey towards growing a sustainable business and meeting our stakeholders’ needs. Creating value means not only looking at profitability but also ensuring the Company will enjoy stable, long-term sustainable growth by enhancing the value of its key intangible assets."

Enrico Vita, CEO

  • Materiality analysis

    Through our first materiality analysis, we were able to identify the sustainability topics that potentially influence the decisions making process of our key stakeholders:

    • Our customers: customer satisfaction, which is related to other primary topics, such as product and service innovation, quality and customization, product and service availability, customer privacy and data protection and product safety;
    • The community: community awareness and education and contribution to healthcare community;
    • Our people: attraction and retention of key population;
    • For a responsible business activity: ethics and corporate responsibility

  • Stakeholders

    We have always been committed to our stakeholders and the Sustainability Report has given us the possibility of mapping them according to the influence they have on Amplifon and their dependence on Amplifon.