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Shareholders' Meeting at

Reports & attachments
[0.02Mb]   Summary of the votes cast relative to the items included on the agenda
[0.04Mb]   Q&A shareholder Investimenti Sud Italia
[3Mb]   List no.1 - List of candidates filed by the company Ampliter S.r.l.
[5.84Mb]   List no.2 - List of candidates filed by some minority Shareholders
[4.61Mb]   Annual Report 2017
[4.42Mb]   Non-Financial Disclosure 2017
[0.32Mb]   2017 Yearly Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure
[0.95Mb]   Remuneration Statement 2018
[0.2Mb]   Directors’ Report on the proposed agenda
[0.12Mb]   Annex A – Directors’ Report on item 4 – “Informed recommendation by Amplifon’s Board of Statutory Auditors for the appointment of the Indipendent Auditors”
[3.45Mb]   Annex B – Directors’ Report on item 4 – “KPMG S.p.A. offers”
Meeting minutes
[0.39Mb]   Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting held on 20 April 2018