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Global leader in hearing solutions

Amplifon, listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange,
is the global leader in hearing solutions and services for retail expertise, customization and consumer care. 
Through a network of more than 10,000 points of sale, of which approximately 4,300 direct shops, 3,800 service centers and 1,900 affiliates,
Amplifon is active in 22 Countries across 5 continents.

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A spectrum of sound

We give depth, texture and substance to sound in all its forms. The rustles, the crackles, the buzzes – we work to return the sounds of life to people every single day.
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How we make the difference

We strive to give each person the service they deserve.


Through constant training and development, our global network of hearing care professionals has all the know-how and skills needed to deliver an all-round hearing experience to every single person.

Technology & Innovation

We are a pioneer in innovative digital technologies and continuously develop unique services, tools and protocols to offer the best hearing experience to each and every person.

Superior Experience

We perfectly blend innovative technologies, scientific know-how with a human touch, to give everyone the joy of hearing even the small sounds of every day life.

Financial highlights

  • €1,266.0 mln

    REVENUES + 11.7% vs. 2016

  • €212.5 mln

    EBITDA +13.7% vs 2016

  • €149.7 mln

    EBIT +17.8% vs 2016

  • €100.6 mln

    NET PROFIT +58.1% vs 2016

  • €98.0 mln


  • 1.35